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238 stories captured, preserved & shared

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238 stories captured, preserved & shared


“Life gets so busy and before you know it their memory is gone.”


Chapel Hill, NC

“I didn’t want his story to get lost.”


Raleigh, NC

“The perfect Christmas gift for my parents. Telling their story to my siblings and my children.”


Mebane, NC

“CaptureFully interviewers were able to make her very comfortable.”


Hillsborough, NC

“We had this for my grandfather, got a video of him talking about WWII, just having those stories is priceless.”


Cary, NC

“Dad wasn't going to sit down and write a memoir, and kids don't read memoirs anyways. This is something I know my kids and grandkids will watch.”


Durham, NC

Honor their story by capturing it on video


their image, voice, and stories forever

No preparation needed. With our expert interviewers and one-time video interview process, you can capture all of their priceless stories without the burden of an ongoing project. We create a natural and comfortable environment for a two hour interview that current and future generations will experience.


the power that each story holds

We utilize the footage from your 2 hour interview to create powerful videos and documentaries showing how their lives have influenced your own. Many people think they don't have a story worth telling, but the true value of a story lies within its ability to impact the lives of others. Give us two hours of interview content and we'll give you a lifetime of memories to share.


their story with loved ones

Sharing stories helps us feel connected, even in moments when we are physically apart. Our online Private Theatre Room allows you to easily share with family and friends, or on social media to connect generations with the past, and inspire their futures.

A Guide for Your Storytelling Journey

Meet Rain, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

As a documentary filmmaker, I've spent two decades telling the true stories of real people.

Through over 1000 interviews in my career, I have learned that sharing our experiences through story connects us all.

I lost my father when I was in my early twenties and I lost my brother in 2021. And while I have photos and videos of them, I don't have their stories, in their own words, recorded.

I regret that every day.

When we created CaptureFully, we wanted to prevent others from having that same regret. Every part of my training and experience has been poured into making it easy and affordable to capture the life stories of their loved ones.

In today's world, our minds are more occupied with technology that keeps us busy and engaged, but our hearts never stopped wanting what we've always wanted:

To learn from those that came before us, to pass down our legacies to those after us. We all have a desire to remember and be remembered.

And everyone, whether they recognize it or not, has a story worthy of a documentary.

They just need help discovering, capturing, and sharing it.


Rain Bennett

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split the cost of a subscription?

We intend to incorporate the ability to split the cost of our services conveniently within our system in the very near future. Until that time you are free to do so through other banking systems and services outside of the CaptureFully platform.

Can I come with my parent to their studio session?

Absolutely! We encourage participation in the CaptureFully experience. We will have a space set up for you where you can wait for your loved one until they finish their conversation with one of our StoryGuides.

Is the location wheelchair accessible

The accessibility of our the location is based on the facility or home how where we are filming. Nearly all of our locations are accessible, but please check the details of the senior facility or home to ensure that it will accommodate your loved ones specific needs.

Can you come to our place?

We would love to! Currently we travel to senior facilities and other group settings to make it easy and convenient to capture yours and other stories. We are open to all locations and set-ups so please contact us with your needs.

How long will the filming take?

The conversation can be as short as you would like, but generally is no more than 60 minutes. Universally, seniors tell us that the conversation is relaxed, fulfilling, enjoyable, and even therapeutic. Additionally, many seniors request to do additional conversations to elaborate on different parts of their family tree, life experiences, and/or values. This is one of the many values of our Private Theatre Room, you are able to continue to add to the stories and memories over the years.

Can I bring props or photos to the interview?

We would love for you to bring family photos or any other materials that are important to you. We will do the best we can to shoot B roll or archived media (family photos, heirlooms, etc) so that we can incorporate them into your final products. We can not guarantee that we will be able to capture any or all of it, but we do encourage you to bring it and we will try our best to capture it.

Will there be makeup and hair services provided?

We encourage you to wear your hair and makeup in whatever style is best and most authentic for you. That said, here are a few tips for the high quality Capture of your interview: Please wear solid colors. No small designs or patterns. No white clothing. No logos. If possible, do not wear glasses; however, if glasses are required we can work with/around them. Keep makeup simple. We will also have powder on hand to reduce any extra shine.

Can I have subtitles added to my video?

We anticipate adding subtitles as an option in the very near future; however, we do not currently have that capability. The good news is that these can easily be added without altering or re-editing your video so when that service option is made available in the near future your videos can be updated at no cost to you.

What is the turnaround time for receiving my video?

The industry standard delivery time for a video of this quality is an approximate 6 month long project. However CaptureFully provides this in just a few days.

Can I download the video?

Currently it is not practical to download the video due to file sizes and meta tagging and logging systems built into the video. Hosting the video in your Private Theatre Room is the best solution to allow you to watch the video from anywhere and to share it with family and friends. Your video is actually made from multiple large files (multiple cameras, audio, etc.) that we maintain and host. Hosting these ensures that it is backed up in multiple secure locations and will never be lost, while the tagging system allows us to offer future features that will further increase your ability to experience, collaborate, and share current and additional stories with loved ones.

Can I have the raw footage from my interview?

With CaptureFully there is actually no such thing as “raw footage”. We actually utilize multiple cameras as well as a proprietary meta-tagging software that sits on top of the video footage. Additionally, the source StoryCapture Files are manipulated in other ways to optimize audio and video content. As such the files are extremely large, non-transferable, and non-viewable without CaptureFully's proprietary technology.

What happens to my videos if I close my account?

The only way to guarantee retention of your videos is to continue with your account.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

We look forward to offering the ability to purchase a gift certificate in the near future.

Any discounts available for multiple bookings?

Our goal is to provide the lowest cost and highest quality service possible. CaptureFully is thousands of dollars less expensive than comparable videographer and filmmaker services, as such we do not offer discounts at this time.

What sets us apart from the videographer?

Most videographers do not specialize in storytelling. In addition to being difficult to find, the wait time for a videographer to do a project such as this can be 6 months or more. And finally, the cost for a videographer to provide a high quality video can easily exceed $10,000.

Why not just set up an iPhone?

There is an art to interviewing to bring out the best and most important messages and stories from an individual. CaptureFully has highly trained and experienced interviewers that are able to make your experience unique and special. Further, an a single iPhone is not able to weave that raw footage into a final form that is both worthy of the importance of your loved ones story.

Why a subscription?

Your subscription gives you a rich set of features and benefits both currently and into the future. Below is just a sampling of those: 1. Subscription allows us to reduce the cost to just a fraction of what it would cost to hire a videographer to capture your LifeStory. 2. It gives you the ability to easily preserve the priceless words, stories, values, image, and voice of your loved ones. 3. CaptureFully protects your contents through both security and multiple backups in a way that gives you peace of mind. 4. Through a subscription to your Private Theatre Room you are able to invite family and friends to share in the memories and life lessons contained there. 5. Your Private Theatre Room allows your family and friends to add memories and stories of their own through the comment section. 6. By creating an ongoing relationship with CaptureFully through your subscription, we are able to provide unique and one-of-a-kind features and products into the future. This allows you to continuously add to your loved ones stories, memories, and to discover and share them in new ways, influencing both current and future generations.